The Top Ten Mistakes Made By Private Home Sellers

Below is our list of the top ten mistakes made by private house sellers and how to avoid them:1) Over-price
Everybody wants the best price for their property. However, what you think your property is worth and what people will be prepared to pay can often be two very different things. It is vitally important that you research similar properties in the area and make sure that you get your price right. Sites such as houseprices and rightmove will help you to see what other properties are marketed at and what they have sold for. Some sellers like to think that if they price their property higher, they will generate offers and gauge the maximum price someone would pay. However, if your property is over-priced, you simply want get anybody through the door and you won’t get any offers whatsoever. The best strategy is to market at a realistic price from the word go.2) Over Enthusiastic
During a viewing, it is very off putting for the potential buyer if the owner is constantly talking at them. Let your viewer know that you are happy to answer any questions they may have and make sure that they feel comfortable in doing so. The majority of viewers don’t want to know when you last painted the ceiling, had the loft insulated or decorated the front room and if they did, they would ask. I have often witnessed an over enthusiastic seller completely throw away any chances of making a sale because they seemed desperate and didn’t let the viewers just look in their own time without any interruptions.3) Be Prepared
There are certain questions that you are likely to get asked and the more prepared you are, the better the chances are that you can address the question there and then. It is a good idea to know which boundaries are yours and where they lie and what council tax band you are in. Sometimes, particularly first time buyers, may be interested to know the cost of your utilities (gas, water, electric) so have your most recent bills handy to show them. Be prepared for questions such as “what is the area like” and make sure you have an excellent pre-prepared answer to any issues or questions that you think may arise.4) For Sale Board
I am always amazed to find a house for sale which has no for sale board. It is by far one of the most important ways of attracting interest from potential buyers. You simply never know who may know someone who could be interested in buying your property. To put it simply, if you do not have a for sale board, you are missing out on a potential purchaser. Make sure you have one if you are serious about selling your property.5) Finding a house
I will often speak to people who do not want to market their property until they have found a place that they like. This is not the way to do it. If you find somewhere before you have started to market your property, the chances are that the property will have sold long before you are able to sell your own. If you are thinking of moving, make the decision to do it and get your property on the market now. Instantly, you are in a better position to arrange viewings, make offers etc and you can be actively looking for your next home whilst generating interest on your own. Don’t wait for the right property, it doesn’t work that way.6) Solicitors
Firstly, one of the best ways to find a good solicitor is to ask family and friends for recommendations. Secondly, you should always shop around and never accept the first quote. Solicitors are often willing to reduce their rates in order to secure the business so make sure you obtain a few quotes from local solicitors and compare them before making a decision.7) Mortgage
The same rule applies for your mortgage. There is an incredible amount of variety in the mortgage market and it would be very unwise to get quotes from just one lender. Independent and fully independent advisors are able to search lots of lenders for you whilst banks and building societies will only offer you their own products. You wouldn’t buy the first house you viewed and you shouldn’t go with the first mortgage lender you see for exactly the same reason. It can pay huge dividends to shop around for your mortgage (always make sure that you study the costs of the insurances as well, there are massive differences in the price you will pay).8) Chasing up viewings
When you arrange a viewing, always make sure that you take the viewers contact details. If you are unable to make the appointment, you are able to let them know and re-arrange. Also, if they do not turn up, you can call them to find out why. A big mistake that private sellers will often make is not to chase up the viewing after it has been carried out. This can sound quite daunting but it is very easy and will give you a much better chance of securing an offer. If you have not heard anything from your viewer 48 hours after the viewing took place, simply give them a call and say something along the lines of “We were just wondering what you thought of the house and if you would like to make an offer”. Be friendly and polite but don’t be pushy.9) Low Offers
It can be very disheartening to receive a low offer. However, it is very important that you do not let your emotions come into play when dealing with the offer. Stay calm and collected and simply say that you are not prepared to accept that price. Many people will try a cheeky offer just to test the water. They may well decide to increase and give you the price you want, however, they won’t if you are rude to them. Read up on how to negotiate a good offer to help you get the best price out of your viewers.10) Pets
Your huge Great Dane may be cuddly and warm to you, but to a little old lady that wants to have a look round, he can be very off putting. If you have pets, make sure that they are kept out of sight and out of the way. If possible, leave them at a family member or friend’s house for the duration of the viewing. I have heard of it happening so many times and seen it from my own experience where a viewer walks into the house and they are greeted with a dog jumping and slobbering all over them. Many people are quite nervous around animals. If they do not feel comfortable in your house, the chances of them making an offer are 0.So there you have it. If you’re property is for sale by owner or you are thinking of selling privately, make sure you avoid these common mistakes and give yourself the best chance of getting your property sold!!RegardsCustomer Service Team
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